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Elevate your CCTV layouts with our advanced design tool and software. Enjoy seamless planning, real-world simulations, and a vast selection of cameras for unparalleled surveillance system design.

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Discover the ultimate solution for efficient and effective CCTV planning with our advanced, browser-based CCTV design software. Designed to cater to the needs of modern security professionals, our tool simplifies the design process, making it quicker and more accessible than ever before. Leveraging the latest in web technology, our software offers real-time simulations, an extensive camera library from top manufacturers, and user-friendly project management features, all constantly updated to ensure you're equipped with the newest advancements. Not only does our tool streamline surveillance system design, but it also does so at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Embrace the efficiency of our innovative CCTV design tool and software, and elevate your security planning to new heights.

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Why choose CCTV Design Tool?

Discover the key features that make our application stand out from the competition.

Browser-Based, Mobile Friendly

Our application works directly in the browser, is responsive, and mobile-friendly.

Frequent Updates

Our software is constantly updated with new features and improvements. Have a feature request? Let us know!


Our solution is several times cheaper than competing solutions or you can use it for free with limited functionality.

Extensive Database

Rich database of cameras and manufacturers. Missing a manufacturer in our database? Let us know, and we'll add it quickly.

Unified Camera and Network Design

Design cameras and networks in one place.

Great support

Have a question or need help? Our support team will be happy to assist you.

Design Your surveillance in five easy steps

From layout to sharing, simplify your CCTV planning

CCTV design tool google maps
Choose layouts

Start by selecting your surveillance area layout from your own files or Google Maps. Add floor plans and then draw walls and other physical obstacles to accurately represent your space.

Explore our free CCTV Design & Planning Tools

A set of basic calculators that will come in handy for every CCTV project.

Storage Calculator

Determine storage requirements for your surveillance footage.

UPS Backup Calculator

Estimate the required UPS capacity for your surveillance system.

FOV Calculator

Calculate camera field of view for optimal placement and coverage.

Limited version for free

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Experience our tool with no cost for basic features, inviting you to explore its potential. Opt for a modest annual subscription to unlock unlimited access and fully leverage its capabilities.

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Our Pricing

Access our software for free with basic features or upgrade for full functionality at a great price

Limited functionality
  • Max. 3 cameras in project
  • Watermark on preview
  • Share projects
  • Night preview
  • Save/load projects
  • Save custom cameras
  • Standard support
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48 /year
  • Unlimited cameras in project
  • No watermark
  • Share projects
  • Night preview
  • Save/load projects
  • Save custom cameras
  • Priority support
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*One time payment. No subscription. Prices does not include local tax.


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