CCTV UPS Backup Calculator

Discover the power of our CCTV UPS Backup Calculator, designed to ensure your surveillance system stays powered during outages. This intuitive tool simplifies estimating UPS backup time for various CCTV components, offering customizable options for power consumption and battery sizes. Ideal for both professionals and homeowners, it provides precise calculations to enhance system reliability. Optimize your CCTV's uptime effortlessly with our user-friendly calculator.

Item Power Consumption (W) Count Actions

To use the calculator, first select the battery voltage (12V or 24V) and add the devices you wish to power during an outage. Choose from a list of common CCTV devices, such as cameras, NVRs, switches, routers, and access points, and input their power consumption and quantity. If you don't know the power consumption, you can use the default values provided or check the device's specifications on the manufacturer's website or simply checking the device's label. Once you've added all devices, click the 'Calculate Power & Uptime' button to view the results. The calculator will display the total power consumption and estimated uptime for various battery sizes, helping you select the ideal UPS for your CCTV system.

All calculations are based on the battery's ampere-hour (Ah) rating and voltage. The calculator assumes a fully charged battery and provides an estimate of the system's uptime. Keep in mind that actual uptime may vary based on battery condition, temperature, and other factors. Use our CCTV UPS Backup Calculator to plan your system's power backup and ensure continuous surveillance, even during power outages.

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