FoV Calculator

Calculate the camera's field of view by entering the focal length and selecting the sensor from the list to find out the horizontal and vertical FOV. For cameras with a variable focal length, you can enter a range, allowing the calculator to compute the FOV for each zoom setting.

Field of View (FoV): The area visible to the camera lens, measured in degrees. A wider FoV captures more of the scene but may reduce image quality. A narrower FoV provides greater detail but covers less area.

CMOS Sensor Size: The physical dimensions of the image sensor in the camera, typically expressed in inches. The sensor size affects the field of view, depth of field, and image quality.

Focal Length: The distance between the lens and the image sensor, measured in millimeters. A shorter focal length provides a wider field of view, while a longer focal length offers a narrower field of view.

Note: The calculator assumes the camera is mounted horizontally. The actual field of view may vary depending on the camera's orientation and the lens distortion.

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