Free CCTV Storage Calculator

Calculate the required storage capacity for your CCTV system by entering the camera resolution, codec, FPS, and the number of cameras. The calculator will provide you with the estimated number of days before the storage is full based on the HDD size you specify.

First, add your cameras by selecting the resolution, codec, FPS, and the number of cameras. Then, specify the hours recorded per day and click the 'Calculate Storage' button to get the results.

Calculated results are not exact and may vary based on the actual camera settings, compression, and other factors. The calculator assumes a constant bitrate and does not account for motion detection or other advanced features.

In the output table, you will see the estimated number of days for most popular HDD sizes, such as 0.5TB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 8TB, and 16TB. The results are rounded to the nearest whole number.

Camera Resolution Codec FPS Count
HDD Size Days

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