Here's a detailed update of the changelog:

  • New Feature: You can now add frequently used cameras to your favorites.
  • New Feature: Define the mounting height of devices, which will be taken into account in cable length calculations.
  • New Cameras: Added new cameras from Ajax, LTS, Unifi, and Uniview.
  • Fixed: Various app speed improvements.
  • Fixed: Resolved an issue where cameras could "see through walls".
  • Fixed: Fixed issue with saving company settings.
  • UI Fixes: Improved and refined key shortcuts (Delete key and Ctrl+C).



Here's a detailed update of the changelog:

  • New brands! Added TP-Link Vigi, Intelbras, HiLook brands.



Here's a detailed update of the changelog:

  • New feature! Support for multi-sensor cameras.
  • New feature! Rebuilt data model to support more camera features and future functionalities (coming soon!), and to add new camera manufacturers to our database more quickly.
  • New feature! Added 2600 missing cameras from existing manufacturers.
  • New feature! New camera icons for different types (dome, bullet, PTZ) with adjustable size and color.
  • New feature! Improved UI for setting the camera's field of view. Now you can change both rotation and tilt angle using drag.
  • New feature! New icons for devices: TV, speaker, generic alarm device, and temperature sensor.
  • New feature! Save watermark logos and text as default.
  • Enhanced UX: Maximum display distance adjusts automatically with FOV changes, copying cameras retains their settings, current focal length is shown when zooming, and camera icon size can be changed.



Here's a detailed update of the changelog:

  • Quick Fix - Exporting Images:
    • Exporting large images is now faster and less likely to cause web browser crashes.



Here's a detailed update of the changelog:

  • New Feature - Network Devices:
    • Capability to add network devices and connections between them and cameras, enhancing system integration and oversight.
  • New Feature - Network Planner:
    • Design and plan your network diagrams with our new Network Planner tool and export these as image/PDF formats for easy sharing and documentation.
  • Redesigned Export to JPG/PDF Functionality:
    • Simpler and cleaner user interface for exporting images and documents.
    • Includes extensive customization options for tailoring the exported image to meet specific needs.
  • Redesigned Display Options:
    • Enhanced customization options for display settings that can be saved with the project or set as default, providing a more tailored user experience.
  • Angle Calculator Enhancements:
    • Fixed an issue with displaying small dimensions, now offering a cleaner and more precise interface.
  • General Improvements:
    • Fixed bugs in report generation and camera image processing.
    • Various user experience improvements to enhance usability.



Here's a detailed update of the changelog:

  • Enhanced Export Functionality:
    • Completely rebuilt image/PDF export feature.
    • New Capabilities:
      • Integration of personalized watermarks or logos on exports.
      • Options for cropping images to fit the FOV of one or multiple cameras.
      • Ability to generate multiple images simultaneously for efficiency.
      • Improved scaling of images in PDF exports for better quality.
  • Advanced Camera Label Customization:
    • New feature enabling the addition of display names to cameras for easier identification.
    • Added customization options for the color and size of camera labels, allowing for personalized and clearer visual representation.
  • New cameras:
    • Introduced support for new camera manufacturers as requested by users: Skilleye, Provision, Vultech, TVT, Geovision, Milesight.
  • Improved Mobile Usability:
    • Enhanced the wall drawing experience on mobile devices, making it more user-friendly and intuitive for touch-screen navigation.
  • User Interface Refinements:
    • Fixed issues with key shortcuts, particularly the delete function.



Here's a detailed update of the changelog:

  • Added support for 180-degree cameras
  • Improved FOV model, now more accurate and correctly responds to changes in camera height
  • Added 180-degree cameras to the database from: Hikvision, Dahua, Axis, Bosch, Hanwha, Uniview, Verkada
  • Fixed report generation module: scaling images to larger sizes, corrected cropping error, compatibility with large background files, accelerated report generation
  • Other minor fixes and improvements, e.g., better scroll handling, limited background movement, added image centering feature



Here's a detailed update of the changelog:

  • Address search field feature in the Google Maps background selection
  • Added new camera manufacturers as per user requests, including Uniview, Turing, BCS, Tiandy, Reolink
  • Implemented an option to hide the Field of View (FOV) display for individual cameras (camera settings > Show field of view)
  • Mobile devices: added pinch to zoom



Here's a detailed update of the changelog:

  • New feature! Report Generation - for quick and easy document generation that can be attached to offers. Find this under Tools > Generate Report.
  • New feature! You can now add a target point for each camera and see the PPM (Points Per Pixel) value. Navigate to Options > PPM Target.
  • New feature! Camera number display is now available. Go to Options > Camera Index to use this feature.
  • Lots of improvements for mobile device display.
  • Minor bug fixes and optimizations.